ModVPS Web Hosting Rebrands Its Corporate Imagery and Website Design


ModVPS Web Hosting

ModVPS Web Hosting on August 12, 2012 : Brands and slogans have always played very vital role in every business as well as in popular politics. Brands and slogans are the most attractive and highly exploiting tools that can be used for popular version of marketing. Pursuing this marketing principle modVPS web hosting company has rebranded its corporate imagery and the designing of company website. This was announced by modVPS web hosting company on Friday August 10, 2012.

It was further explained that it is very important for any business to be high quality services, web defined brands, effective motto, and clear mission statement. Taking these marketing techniques into account, modVPS web hosting company has rebranded its imagery that is very suitable and effective for the customers to attract. Meanwhile, entire website has been redesigned with clear focus on the major services like VPS services etc.

In his statement Mr. Greg Landis chief executive officer of ModVPS Company said, “Since we acquired modVPS, we have been working to move the brand in a powerful new direction; during this lengthy process, we have thought about what makes the brand so distinct – namely, that the company is dedicated exclusively to VPS hosting. Our unique focus allows our team to be experts in VPS hosting, helping us deliver services our customers need with unrivaled efficiency and support. Until now, the modVPS brand didn’t accurately represent our passion for VPS hosting services. However, I’m confident that this new reworking is not only a better representation of us, but makes it easier for customers to order what they need”.

Redesigned web site has very attractive look with special emphasis on its core services like VPS services, and other web hosting and cloud hosting services. Website expresses explicitly the advantages and features of modVPS services for their valued customers.

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