Seamlessness Streaming For Curiosity Mission to Mars Tested For Verification of Amazon Web Hosting

Curiosity Mission to Mars Tested by Amazon Web Hosting

Curiosity Mission to Mars Tested by Amazon Web Hosting on August 06, 2012 : NASA’s mission to Mar called as curiosity is to reach at Mar on Sunday night and its is expected a live web streaming measuring data rate up to 25 Gbps on the servers of Amazon web hosting services. To remain on the safe side NASA and SOASTA tested the spikes simulated to those, which are expected on cloud servers of Amazon to make it sure that they can sustain this pressure of live streaming.

SOASTA is a cloud servers and web hosting application testing company that has also tested the web hosting service of website. This is official website for London Olympics that are underway in London presently. The scenario was developed in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory where Mac Pro was simulated as the single media server and there were four data rates, which were simulated for four regional traffic loads in the same way as it is on Amazon web hosting services. The traffic was pounded in the shape of spikes and the performance was observed for about 40 minutes. Output of the tests were handled and cached by tier-1 Nginx server, and fronted by 40 load balanced Nginx servers at tier-2 level servers running on Amazon web hosting EC2 platform.

After intensive testing by pounding more than 25 Gbps traffic to the servers it was concluded by both teams that:

“Load on the primary FMS server and the tier 1 cache remained very low for the entirety of the test; we should have no problem running dozens of stacks during the live event. Anecdotal evaluation of the NASA live stream during testing showed no buffering or bit rate drops. We are confident that the results of this test suggest that an aggregate of these stacks will be able to deliver the required streaming delivery for the Curiosity landing event”.

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