Decreasing Bandwidth Prices – A Good News for Slow Web Hosting Sites

Good News for Slow Web Hosting Sites

Good News for Slow Web Hosting Sites on August 04, 2012 : It has been reported that fierce competition is present all over the world in every type of business. The data transfer rates, which rarely affordable for medium size business few years back are now available for a roaming mobile user. The prices have come down many times of its prices few years back. This trend of decrease in the prices of bandwidth is continuing.

This was reported by the studies of Telegeography data research company that the trend of decrease in bandwidth is not consistent downwards but it is very rapid during last one year i.e. Q2 of Year 2011 to Q2 of Year 2012. This decrease in price is increasing the consumption of the bandwidth in the field of web hosting domain too. This is very exciting news for those small business websites that normally face slow browsing at different levels of bottle necking node due to low bandwidth. Now, broader bandwidths would be used in this field of business and thus the browsing speeds would increase for small business and other hosted web sites.

Telegeography indicated in its studies that this trend is universal and prices are decreasing every corner of the world. The price decrease in 1Giga bit port is about 57% in London; while the decrease in per Mbps speed is estimated at about $3.13 per Mbps in New York USA. This decrease counts about 50% just in one the span of one year time. It is also estimated that this decrease in prices would also influence web hosting business positively; now almost every hosted customer gets unlimited bandwidth on from his or her service provider company. The decrease in bandwidth price would trigger the enhancement of backbone bandwidths and thus the speeds of web hosting websites would increase.


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