Microsoft Changes Hotmail Web Hosting Based Mail to

Microsoft Changes Hotmail Web Hosting Based Mail to

Microsoft Changes Hotmail Web Hosting Based Mail to on August 01, 2012 : Microsoft has ultimately realized that its email interface and its associated features and capabilities are not attractive and people are moving to Google and Yahoo mostly. It was the time when has been the standard for web hosting based emails. Now Microsoft has announced to change its web based emailing interface and even the domain of its major web hosting based service.

It was further claimed that on the first day of launch of its new web based email domain has drawn the attentions of millions of people and the registration crossed the figure of one million on very first day. Microsoft has associated many expectations with this new mail service, which is highly featured and possesses many additional features that are more attractive to the customers.

This new email service from Microsoft has additional features i.e. it has bigger attachment volumes, great interface look and easy to operate and understand many links to different social Medias, and many more. This is very exciting web based email service that fulfills all types of requirement of a professional as well as a normal user. New mail supports your old hotmail account to migrate to this new web based email service through exchange activesynch tool. This email service is also capable to be linked to your servers and calendars etc; many other services are in pipeline to be added into this services to provide amazing experience of web bases email services.

There are many features that you can configure; you can configure reading pan either at the bottom of your web based email interface or at the right hand side of your email options on the left. Microsoft has announced that many more additional features would be added soon and this improvement will continue with any additional problem found on this new service.

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