Web Hosting Company ‘Future Host’ to Expand Its Footprints by Launching New Data Center in Miami


Future Host

Future Host

GreatResponder.com on July 31, 2012 : In the pursuit to expand its global footprints, web hosting company ‘Future Host’ has announced on Monday July 30, 2012 that a state of the art data center is being launched at Miami state of United States. This will expand its leverage to the market of Latin America and Caribbean Islands. This new state of the art data center will help future web hosting company to expand its global outreach to these areas. This is to note that Future host  web hosting is planning to expand its presence in the global market.

It was further stated that company is leasing a huge data center in the State of Miami; this data center will measure as much as about 30,000 sq. feet enclosed space while more than 20,000 sq. feet of raised space. This gigantic data center will house more than 600 servers on in this new space. Miami is very popular for its hurricane and other natural disasters; this factor has also been considered while building this data center. This building is located at 100 year flood zone that is outside of 29th street, 11234 NW and the building is capable to withstand a hurricane of category 5. These all security measures were taken to make it sure that customers will get the most reliable and high quality services.

While speaking about the importance of this data center, chief executive officer (CEO) of Future Hosting web hosting  Mr. Vikram Patel said, “We chose Miami in large part because of its important proximity to our new Latin American clients; Miami itself is the principal landing point for most of the fiber servicing Central and South America. Our new facility offers fast, secure international connectivity at competitive prices that will empower our growth in emerging markets.”


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