Revenue of Social Media Hit $16.9 Billion in Fiscal Year 2012

Revenue of Social Media Hit $16.9 Billion in Fiscal Year 2012

Revenue of Social Media Hit $16.9 Billion in Fiscal Year 2012 on July 26, 2012 : Like all other web hosting and cloud hosting companies, social media companies are progressing amazingly in terms of collecting huge revenues from their products. This revenue is about to hit a gigantic volume of about $ 16.9 billion. That is higher than last year results by about 43% during the whole fiscal year. Big earners of these social media companies are Facebook, Twitter, and Google. These companies are cruising in terms of their revenue growth.

According to the reports published by Gartner Inc on Wednesday July 25, 2012, majority of this revenue that is earned by the social media companies comes from advertisements section. We the people are the products of these companies, which are sold to companies in terms of advertisements. Total revenue generated from advertisement on these social media Companies counts as much as $ 8.8 billion. While the social gaming revenue has also increased tremendously; it is expected to reach as much as $ 6.2 billion in year 2012. The revenue from subscriptions remains at very low at just $ 278 million.

As with other web hosting as well as cloud hosting firms and corporations, the social media businesses are growing incredibly when it comes to amassing large income and profits using their web hosting services.

The analysis and anticipations of some of the analysts were also included in the report that also shows that the revenue of social media will continue to increase for many years to come. Neha Gupta one of the senior research analysts at Gartner Inc said in her analysis, “Usage of online social media has matured, and more than one billion people worldwide will use social networks this year. Although the number of social media users is large, and in some cases increasingly mature in their usage patterns, the market is still in its early stages from a revenue perspective.”

Gartner Inc also anticipates through this report that the social media membership like web hosting customers will still grow at steady pace in future for many years to come.

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