Investment for Integration of Cpanel and Billing Software WHMCS Finalized: Says Cpanel Company

Cpanel and WHMCS

Cpanel and WHMCS on July 24, 2012 : Cpanel developing company has finalized to invest in the integration of Cpanel with the billing software named as WHMCS. This was announced through a notice circulated in HostingCion last week. This was considered and finalized due to the fact that majority of the web hosting users that already use the Cpanel control panel services also use the services of WHMCS and vice versa. This situation is being turned into the exciting features and experience of the web hosting customers by integrating the features of these two great software platforms together on a unified platform.

This was further announced in the released note that by doing this, both companies would be able to provide great services to its web hosting customer on unified platform and thus better opportunity for both companies to gain their businesses collaboratively. They termed this as a strategic technology move towards future business prospect. The vice president of Cpanel Company Mr. Aaron Phillips while speaking with representatives of news agencies said, “The Company recognized that cPanel & WHM had a need for an integrated component that would automate tasks like billing and account creation, but also recognized that such a tool would compete directly with WHMCS, if built in house. Given the quality and the popularity of WHMCS, it seemed like buying into that company was the more efficient route to the better product.”

He further said that the deal was almost in final stages and soon the final plan will be shared and signed off. At the same time, Mr. Matt Pugh the chief executive officer of WHMCS said that it will be much better integrated product after development on single platform that will benefit the web hosting users at a great scale.

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