GoDaddy Web Hosting Acquires Outright Company to Support Its Customers on Financial Management

GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy Web Hosting on July 20, 2012 : GoDaddy web hosting company acquires the “Outright” that is a major financial solution provider company for small and medium businesses. This was announced by GoDaddy on Wednesday July 18, 2012. This was announced in the statement of GoDaddy that this acquisition of Outright Financial Management Software Company for small businesses was done for providing the financial management support to its small business customers.

This software will be now provided to small businesses to help out these businesses to manage their financial assets and procedures properly to produce better business results. This was further said that financial management services software will be provided to their small business customers just like the way small web hosting companies are provided with search engine optimization solutions and credits for ranking the web hosting sites. Almost all web hosting companies are providing free site builder and other one click extensions and software to manage their websites and contents. Exactly like that service, GoDaddy web hosting plans to offer this software for financial management of their small business customers.

Chief executive officer of Outright company Mr. Steven Aldrich said, “We believe our customers benefit because of the range of Go Daddy products and services designed explicitly for small business owners. Joining Go Daddy feels like a move that was just meant to be. We are combining forces with a company that has built a billion dollar business with the simple idea of providing great products and a brand of service that delights customers.”

This was also stated at by the CEO of GoDaddy web hosting company that Outrage will operate as an independent entity under the management of same team in collaboration with GoDaddy management. The services of Outright will be just integrated with the services of GoDaddy web hosting so that small business customers can benefit from it easily.

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