Railgun – An Optimized Hosting Platform Launched by CloudFlare in Partnership with Vexxhost Web Hosting and Others

Optimized Platform by CloudFlare with Vexxhost & Others

Optimized Platform by CloudFlare with Vexxhost & Others

GreatResponder.com on July 18, 2012 : Security and web performance company CloudFlare has launched a new generation optimized, highly efficient, reliable, and secure cloud hosting platform in partnership with great web hosting providers like Vexxhost Web Hosting, DreamHost, HostPapa, Media Temple, Site5, A2 Hosting, and BlueHost. This was announced by the CEO and co-founder of CloudFlare Mr. Matthew Prince at HostingCon 2012, on July 16, 2012. This exciting platform is named as Railgun. At this occasion, Mr. Mohammed Naser CEO of Vexxhost Web Hosting Company was also available along with other officials of the partnering companies.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Price said, “Hosting has traditionally been a somewhat regional business; CloudFlare’s Railgun allows a host to offer fast service around the world, regardless of where their data center is located. Hosts can literally challenge the speed of light to offer their customers the fastest possible web performance.” He was very confident and so excited while describing this new platform as the pioneer to international cloud hosting business irrespective of the location of your data centers.

Also the CEO of Vexxhost Web Hosting was very excited on this partnership with CloudFlare and said on the occasion, “CloudFlare is constantly pushing the envelope on innovation, and Railgun is no exception; we are thrilled to be joining their Optimized Hosting Provider program.”

CloudFlare platform has great capabilities in making the web sites and cloud services so fast. CloudFlare platform makes sites about two times fast than others and makes secure from attacks. CloudFlare platform is considered to be most easy and single click to add web applications. Meanwhile, it is considered to be most reliable that makes cloud hosting and related hosting services always online.

It is being anticipated here in Boston conference that this optimized platform will make cloud hosting more efficient and reliable.

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