Hostingcon 2012 – A Web Hosting & Cloud Hosting Business Show to Start from 16-18 July 2012

Hostingcon 2012

Hostingcon 2012  on July 15, 2012 :  Hostingcon 2012 is about to start from 16-18 July 2012 after long preparations. This conference is being organized at beautiful eastern coast city of Boston in Massachusetts State, USA.  This conference is one of the most exciting and productive for the business communities that deal in web hosting and cloud hosting services. The conference is a general festival and industrial exhibition pertaining to all products and services provided in the field of cloud hosting and web hosting.

This conference is also termed as the trade show for different hosting businesses, services, and products in this domain. This conference provides an opportunity to many industrial entrepreneurs, hosting service users, technology personnel, cloud equipment vendors, and other stakeholders. They join here and get latest information about the growth, pace, and future plans of this business. People get knowledge about latest developing technologies in the field of cloud and web hosting services. At the same time, they also know and discuss the issues that a cloud and web hosting industry is facing at the moment on the market place.

Meanwhile, this conference is also a great opportunity for different technology players to partner with different cloud and web hosting service providers. This conference will also show case all the latest technologies that are in use and would also help out finding better and efficient solutions for future.

It is eighth anniversary of Hostingcon, which is being organized at Boston, MA. It is expected and anticipated that huge number of internet professionals will gather here on this conference. It has been confirmed that as many as about 2000 cloud hosting, web hosting, and internet professionals will attend this conference from more than thirty countries all over the globe.

This conference of web hosting and cloud hosting business is anticipated to be the best of all past conferences.

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