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Online Shoppers to Abandon Slow Web Hosting Sites for Competitors – Survey Reports

Online Shoppers to Abandon Slow Web Hosting Sites for Competitors – Survey Reports

GreatResponder.com on July 14, 2012 : There are hundreds of thousands websites dealing in online shopping in all over the world and USA. These online shopping websites are normally web hosting based sites. Now, it has been revealed through different types of surveys in United States of America that more than 72 percent of online shoppers abandon slow browsing web hosting sites for competitors.

This was highlighted in the study conducted by 1 & 1 web hosting provider this week. The results of survey report were made public on Wednesday July 10, 2012. There were few very eye opening results of this survey for both web hosting providers and ecommerce site owners that are operating their online shopping business.

As per results of this survey, American online customers are very intolerant in terms of slow browsing. More than 72 percent people who browse slow web hosting sites straightway abandon those web hosting sites for competitors site of these e-commerce companies. As per survey results 58 percent of customers decided not to use that slow browsing site again in future. Meanwhile, a huge ratio of online customers feels that they feel severe stress and anger while browsing slow web sites. This ratio is about 42 percent of online shoppers.

This survey conducted by 1&1 web hosting provider was based on the feedback of about 1340 USA online shoppers. As per feedback of these online customers, 65 percent of online sites run very slowly while 58 percent of the customers say that they feel significant slow browsing.

It is estimated that only in the month of March 2012, as much as $ 2.8 billion of online sales was lost by slow browsing website. This is survey forces web hosting companies to review their resources and web hosting loads on their networks. Huge pressure from web hosting sites owners will develop if this trend of slow browsing keeps continuing.

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