Web Hosting DreamHost Receives Governmental Grant for Employees Trainings




GreatResponder.com on July 13, 2012 : DreamHost web hosting company gets a big amount of money from state government for training its employees and management team to retain its business base in California State. DreamHost web hosting company received as much as $ 288,200 in the form of grant from state government. This was announced on Thursday July 12, 2012.

This grant was awarded to DreamHost web hosting company for improving the skills and certification accreditation of the employees to cope with fierce technical and commercial competitiveness on the market place. This grant was announced by chief executive officer of DreamHost web hosting company. He further explained that grant was received through state government department training called ETP or employment training program.

CEO of DreamHost web hosting company Mr. Simon Anderson said in his statement, “This kind of grant makes a huge difference in our ability to be a leader in training our teams in the hosting industry. I know how much effort was put in to get this across the line, and I’m grateful to the state of California for providing a program designed to foster a highly skilled workforce; DreamHost and the local economy will both prosper as a result of this grant.”

Employment training program is an initiative taken by state government of California to keep the businesses and companies competitive and effective to retain and prosper their business in California. Through this program, state government gives different types of training funds to companies who are operating from California. This is an incentive policy of the state government to keep the enterprises and other businesses highly dynamic and progressive so that they can face the challenges of competitive market.

Above mentioned amount of $ 288,200 can be used during next two years through reimbursement procedure. Every single dollar (up to above mentioned limit) of DreamHost web hosting company spent on training can be reimbursed from ETP.

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