Host General Web Hosting Offers Economical Reseller Web Hosting Plans

Host General Web Hosting

Host General Web Hosting on July 12, 2012 : Host General web hosting offers competitive pricing for Reseller Web Hosting. This new reseller hosting service starts at $19.95. Reselling is a fast web hosting option for entrepreneurs who wish to establish a brand, as most packages allow for tailored pricing structures and customized control panels.

To succeed, organizations must maintain a web presence and cannot do so on their own without adequate space. On a practical level, resellers do not have to be technologically inclined. Typically, a data center operator is responsible for sustaining a network’s infrastructure and hardware; a reseller’s position is thereby reduced to maintaining a customer base and marketing. Reseller web hosting services are popular ventures due to a consistent supply and demand.

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which an individual purchases a large amount of hard drive and bandwidth space and then utilizes it to store third party websites. The reseller purchases the space in bulk at a wholesale price and can then sell space to affiliates for a profit. Resellers typically operate as web developers or systems integrators that promote dependable web hosting as an added business incentive.

Host General is now offering several monthly and yearly reseller web hosting plans. The first package is for beginner resellers who wish to start with the basics. The Streamline Plan is $19.95 per month and includes 100 GB storage, 1,000 GB bandwidth, ClientExec access and a static IP address. The Bump Up WHMCS Plan, meanwhile, is priced at $34.95 per month and includes 200 GB Storage, 2,000 GB Bandwidth, ClientExec or WHMCS services and a static IP address.

Host General seeks to present customers not only with reliable web hosting, but also comprehensive services. Its network is built with over 20 upstream providers that deliver High Availability from data centers across Chicago, Houston, Montreal and Toronto. Reliable power and HVAC infrastructure is present at all locations. State-of-the-art environmental/fire protection systems as well as round-the-clock security also work to keep customer information safe. In the event of a computer malfunction, an onsite spare parts inventory allows for quick replacements.

The final two reseller plans are designed to especially target web hosting providers that are interested in maximizing their reselling potential. The Bigger Bandwidth and Mega Storage Plan is now $49.95 per month and offers 300 GB storage, 3,000 GB Bandwidth, ClientExec or WHMCS services and a static IP address. The Master Hosting plan is just $79.95 per month and has 500 GB storage, 4,000 GB Bandwidth, Client Exec or WHMCS services and a static IP address. All four plans come with a free Merchant Account that allows for easy credit card payments online.