Software Bugs Prolonged Amazon Web Hosting Services

GreatResponder.Com on July 04, 2012 : The detailed analysis and reports have been finalized by market leader web hosting and cloud services company Amazon AWS services. As per these analysis the main cause for outage was lightening that was intimated earlier but the cause for prolonged outage was the bugs available in the software of Amazon webhosting services. This was announced by Amazon team on Tuesday July 3, 2012.

As per statement the main cause of the failure was still the same as mentioned earlier. It was power fluctuation and lightening that generate electrical surges in the power systems and backup power systems were also affected by these catastrophe situations. The final analysis revealed that there were some other hidden reasons too as per ZDNet reports.

As per details of the report of causes analyzed at Amazon technical departments, there were few very nasty hidden bugs that made the servers to bottle neck and thus a more time was consumed to restart the cloud hosting services due to these hidden bugs. There was a huge work that was done by the technical teams of Amazon web hosting services at their eastern data centers in Virginia State. Details suggest that primarily the failure of power from commercial company caused the interruption but UPS took over the power for reasonable time but unfortunately backup power did not start on time and thus complete web hosting services were observed.

The remedial actions were taken very rapidly but few hidden bugs put the efforts in delay because these bugs delayed the startup of the servers in specified time. Amazon also confirmed that instance did affected the cloud and web hosting services of customers but the control plane software that helps customer manage their services was another big reasons for longer duration of outage. Control plane was creating problems in proper operation and maintenance of web hosting services.

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