HostGator Acquisition – Biggest Web Hosting News of last Week

HostGator Acquisition

HostGator Acquisition on July 02, 2012 : There were many news reports pertaining to the web hosting industry that surfaced last week; but the news of the week in web hosting category was the confirmation of the rumors that HostGator web hosting company is being acquired by Endurance International Group.

Endurance International Group is one of the major groups operating its multiple businesses in web hosting and cloud hosting industry. Endurance International has already acquired the FatCow and BlueHost web hosting companies. HostGator is one of the most powerful companies in web hosting business in terms of their customer base and server quantity. HostGator Company possesses more than 12000 servers located in Houston collocation and more than 400,000 subscribers. The deal is expected to be finalized in next couple of weeks if the process of acquisition moves forward smoothly. This was also confirmed by the chief executive officer of HostGator Mr. Brent Oxley.

Mr. Oxley also confirmed that deal of acquisition of HostGator by Endurance International Group is agreed at the cost of $ 225 million. He was also assuring the employees and partners of the company that they should not worry about their jobs because the planning of Endurance International Group is to even increase the area of the collocations as well as offices both in Houston and Austin cities of Texas State. He further confirmed that the properties and estate will still be possessed by him. He has also been given contracted for increasing the office and collocation capacities by EIG.

Mr. Oxley termed this deal as good way to opt and said, ““We have tried, and failed to develop a billing system that has automated and can integrate with our key systems such as chat, phone, affiliates, and tickets. I think we are finally on the right track, but unfortunately I no longer have the patience to wait for it to all come together. Thankfully Endurance International Group has tackled a lot of these challenges already.”


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