Brainhost Web Hosting Increases Bonus on Affiliate Program

Brainhost Increases Bonus on Affiliate

Brainhost Increases Bonus on Affiliate on July 01, 2012 : Brainhost web hosting has revised its affiliate program to increase the bonus of the marketers. This was announced by the Brainhost web hosting company on Friday June 30, 2012. They have termed this new marketing campaign as “See Ya Later Alligator”, which will focus the dissident marketers who are frustrated after acquisition of HostGator by Endurance International Group recently.

This is very important that there are many marketers of HostGator who have not been properly guided and assured about their commissions after acquisition of the company by IEG. They are frustrated and should take this opportunity and join Brainhost new affiliate program.

Mr. Ryan Niddel who is the affiliate manager at Brainhost web hosting company has said, “A big acquisition like what just happened with HostGator can have a huge impact on affiliates; affiliates wonder if their commissions will go down, if the quality of support will suffer, and how the change will affect them overall. It makes a lot of affiliates nervous when there’s a big change like this.”

He further said and assured the prospective affiliate marketers that Brains host web hosting company is one of the most promising companies in this field of business. It has not only enhanced the commission on all of the services provided by the Brain host company but also enhanced the quality of the services even better. This is a great opportunity for new marketers to join our program and get their business running with even extra amount of commissions and other fringe benefits on affiliate sales.

Brain Host Company is providing great web hosting services to its valuable customers with many great prices plans, discounts, and quality of services. We are providing world class customer support for our valuable customer round the clock. It is great opportunity for new marketers to join hands with Brain Host Web hosting Company.

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