Apptegic Create an Application to Retain the Web Hosting Customers

Apptegic Create App to Retain Customers

Apptegic Create App to Retain Customers on June 30, 2012 : There is big race among different web hosting and cloud hosting companies for grabbing the customer base of both web hosting and cloud hosting. This race is being fuelled up by fierce competitiveness in pricing, lucrative affiliate partnership plans, aggressive marketing, and all other available resources. But still there is one big problem of these competitors; that is how to retain the customer base that has been acquired? These web hosting as well as cloud hosting companies are trying randomly to retain the customers through different tactics and policies but still there is no proven method available in the market.

Here is the required application for retaining your acquired customer base. It is Apptegic cloud based service that will help you retain your market bases. It was announced by Boston Startup Apptegic that they have developed a cloud based services and will be immediately for use. chief executive officer and founder of Apptegic Mr. Karl Wirth said, “We’re focused on guiding each customer to success. There are a lot of companies out there that are focused on customer acquisition but we’re focused on customer retention; so you have a customer and they’re interacting with you, and you want to keep them, and make sure they’re successful, renewing, and buying more.” He was talking to WHIR in an interview.

He further said that this newly developed system will help the providers of web hosting and cloud hosting service providers with the in depth details of the behavior of the customers who join their services. On the basis of these behaviors the results will be formulated to make a solution for retaining the customers on the basis of their own behaviors.

Talking to the providers he offered, “Give us a freemium offering where we can get on and use it and then we’re on, we’re there. Then it’s a decision to leave, and that’s somewhat what Amazon is doing with the rental model but you may be able to outplay them in that game.”

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