HostDime Web Hosting Increases Commission on Its Affiliate Referral Partner Program


HostDime hosting

HostDime hosting

GreatResponder.Com on June 29, 2012 : Commission of the payouts on the program of affiliate referral partners is being increase to encourage the dynamism and incentives of the partner programs for all web hosting as well as cloud hosting services. This was announced by HostDime web hosting company through its blog posting on Thursday June 28, 2012.

In a blog post it was announced that the commission on both web hosting and cloud hosting is being increased by 50% on any referral sale of our affiliate partner program. Now the new prices would be amazing and so attractive. Few of such reduced prices are reseller price is $ 100 dollars while shared hosting is $ 75; on the other hand VPS is now $ 125 per month and dedicated server at $ 100 per month.

HostDime web hosting company started this affiliate referral partner program in July 2011. It is free to join; one you click on the banner of the affiliate program a cookie is set on that computer for next 60 days. If this sale gets mature in next 60 days of time the partner gets entitled for the commission.

As per blog post at HostDime web hosting company, this increase in commission is being introduced for the sake of encouragement the affiliate marketing category, which is getting competitive day by day. It is also very important that the competition in cloud hosting and web hosting is touch the new levels and market is getting highly volatile.

In the last couple of days FireHost and other companies have also announced some great affiliate programs and cuts in their pricing plans and other packages. As per blog post of HostDime web hosting company, this program very unique from others affiliate programs due to its payout of credit for company payments against their monthly invoices.

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