FBI Arrests 24 Hackers for Stealing Credit Card Information from Web Hosting Companies

FBI Arrests 24 Hackers for Stealing Credit Card Info

FBI Arrests 24 Hackers for Stealing Credit Card Info

GreatResponder.com on June 28, 2012 : It was reported that about 24 people were arrested on the account of alleged stealing of personal and financial information of many users of web hosting and banking services. This news was provided through a press release issued by Federal Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday.

According to the press release information from FBI, there were as many as 14 people most of them hackers were arrested from United States and many other countries of the world. The arrests took place in Europe and Japan too. European countries include Bosnia, Bulgaria, Norway, and Germany other than Japan.

Most of the web hosting companies are accredited with PCI DSS compliance but still the is a great need for web hosting companies to keep the security measures in place and updated regularly so that such dangerous and nasty incidents could be averted.

FBI carried out an operation dubbed as “Operation Card Shop” was about more than two years long and concluded with final crackdown and arrest of many culprits. This was informed by through press release from FBI. It was also intimated that carding forums are those websites where credit information as well as other financial information is stolen and sold on these websites. These websites also facilitate the hacking and introduce the criminals to such sinful activities on different web hosting sites as well as banking sites.

It was further intimated in the press release of FBI agency that these people were involved in stealing, hacking, and sharing the financial information, bank accounts information, credit card information, interruption of services, and other such types of disruptive activities. The ages of these people range from 19 year to 25 years. These young criminals will be prosecuted and it is anticipated that they can be sentenced for an imprisonment of about 30 years or more than that.

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