Cheap Web Hosting Geeks Introduces New Format for Company Reviews

Cheap Web Hosting Geeks

Cheap Web Hosting Geeks

GreatResponder.Com on June 24, 2012 : Web hosting reviews are very important tools to grade and measure the quality of the services provided by any web hosting company on the market place. But, reviews have taken the form of aggressive marketing and thus things have lost little meaning of what these reviews are done for.

Cheapwebhostinggeeks has introduced a new format to study and produce the results of the qualities of the services of different web hosting companies. Cheap Web Hosting Geeks Company has new format based on the collection of the reviews from different people based on different features of the company. This format creates some exciting results, which are measureable, achievable, and understandable for different customers looking for web hosting guidance.

As per Cheap Web Hosting Geeks, “We have gathered customer reviews, site information, and application use to develop it, daily traffic and more. By having all this information we can easily figure out the customer satisfaction rate and the increase in number of customers.” This says the company statement.

Normally, the reviews are written are feedbacks are left in terms of descriptions of different types of features and qualities of the services, which make an overall image of the services of a web hosting. In such situations, it is very difficult for normal and new customer to understand and compare the different and differentiate the features of one company with another. Thus confusion even increases rather than decreasing.

Now, Cheap Web Hosting Geeks solves this confusion with very simple figurative depict of the service quality of the web hosting companies. Now, honest reviews of different web masters and administrators are recorded and then scaled in terms of percentiles and then merged into few deliverable. Thus, percentages of the each feature of a web hosting company are found out in these reviews.

This helps providing very clear picture about any web hosting company.

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