PhotonVPS Turn 3 in Its Web Hosting Business

PhotonVPS Turn 3 in Its Web Hosting Business

PhotonVPS Turn 3 in Its Web Hosting Business on June 23, 2012 : PhotonVPS is one of the biggest companies operating in the domain of cloud hosting and web hosting business. PhotonVPS is very well known for its enterprise virtual private server business. This company has also started its web hosting business three years back and now they turned 3 years this month. They are celebrating their 3rd anniversary of web hosting business by upgrading their infrastructure.

This up gradation of infrastructure will prepare them for better competition and improvement in web hosting services. This will improve our security, reliability, and robustness of our industry grade services. It was further mentioned by vice president operations Mr. Jimmy Lu about the past and future of the company services.

He said, “Our Company pioneered the model for Enterprise Virtual Private Servers, which has attracted many large businesses to this market. As we have grown, we have continued to reach new performance benchmarks in cooperation with our vendors, and we have continued to build out our infrastructure. Today’s announcement demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a next-generation hosting environment; most importantly, our obsession with customer satisfaction has enabled our customers to thrive. Many of our customers who started with just one Virtual Private Server now have 5, 10, or more.”

It was further maintained that peeing connectivity has now been upgraded to 40 GB fiber interconnectivity to provide great bandwidth and speeds to the customers. Newer technologies and security infrastructure has been incorporated to improve DoS and DDoS attacks. At the same time it was announced that more technical staff for web hosting services is being hired. These people are highly expert at web hosting and cloud services.

Talking about impact of upgraded bandwidth, security, and other infrastructure, it was maintained that most drastic improvements are being observed. This will leave a very desirable impact on the experience of customers.

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