Web Hosting Clicktostart Offers Free 24×7 Marketing Support

Web Hosting Clicktostart Offers Free 24x7 Marketing Support

Web Hosting Clicktostart Offers Free 24×7 Marketing Support

GreatResponder.com on June 22, 2012 : It was announced on Wednesday that Canadian web hosting company Clicktostart is going to provide 24×7 marketing support to its all types of web hosting customers. This will help customers get not only technical support on different technical issues but from now on, their valuable customers will also enjoy marketing support, guidance and training round the clock.

This marketing support will be provided to customers by the help of the customer representatives available round the clock to serve their valuable customers; it was announced in the release. With the start of this service, customers now can better use their Google Ads and other marketing tools very efficiently and successfully. Clicktostart expert marketing teams will help customers to get the most modern and latest techniques applied to the promotion of their web sites. Now Clicktostart web hosting services will have an edge over other providers due to this new feature of this company.

Mr. Cher Cunninghum, chief executive officer of Clicktostart web hosting company said in his statement, “Since you have to pay that monthly fee anyway, why not get support that goes beyond just keeping your website online but also builds your business?”

The industry experts and technical gurus are considering this move of Clicktostart web hosting Company as an important milestone in this field of business. Now, they are being provided with additional portfolio of marketing in online business just free of any charges. This will leave a very desirable impact on small and medium online businesses and websites owners.

At the same time, it is feared that another furious race of competition among the web hosting companies will start soon. Web hosting market is already very competitive and margins have depleted to very thin and skinny levels. But, this step of Clicktostart will definitely put a big grin on the faces of website owners.

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