Cogeco Data Web Hosting to Open New Data Center in Toronto

Cogeco Data Web Hosting-Open New DataCenter in Toronto

Cogeco Data Web Hosting-Open New DataCenter in Toronto on June 21, 2012 : One of the important web hosting companies Cogeco data services has announced on last Tuesday that they are going open another data center in the central business district of Toronto. This was announced through a press release issued with the name of Mr. Ciciretto, president of Cogeco Data Services.

Mr. Ciciretto said,” The trend has been to move data centers outside the downtown core because real estate is at a premium in major economic hubs like Toronto; but Canada’s largest business district has unique needs including access to unparalleled speed and the ability to access facilities quickly for maintenance activities or in the event of an emergency. Even brief delays for a financial or business transaction can mean the difference of millions of dollars and that means that customers of our downtown facility will have a distinct advantage in meeting and exceeding the extreme latency and proximity requirements of the business sector.”

As per this press release, the opening of new data centre in very costly area in terms of estates and other amenities would provide the better business results due to many great reasons. Further he said this data centre would improve the capacity of Cogeco web hosting company and subsequently options to handle huge demands of the customers in highly competitive and dynamic market place. This centre will also provide improved latency of the web hosting services provided by Cogeco web hosting company. It is very easy to access for local customers and industries, being in the hub of the major business district of Toronto, Canada.

In another point of view of Mr. Ciciretto, he said that data centre would really state of the art nature. Highly secure environment, and 24×7 security and access for customers and collocation corporate would be available. The data center would have two standby power generators, and many other measures would be available to make sure the KPI of 100% network availability for web hosting services to the customers.

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