PEER 1 Web Hosting Gets PCIDSS Level-1 Certification

PEER 1 Web Hosting Gets PCIDSS Level-1

PEER 1 Web Hosting Gets PCIDSS Level-1 on June 20, 2012 : President and chief executive officer of UK based web hosting company PEER 1 hosting Mr. Fabio Banducci announced yesterday that his company successfully achieved the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or (PCIDSS) certification level-1. It was achieved through intensive and rigorous scrutiny of the standards adopted by our company. This scrutiny was carried out by a reputed third party company.

Further he said,” PEER 1 is committed to delivering IT infrastructure solutions that remove the security challenges and complexities our customers face, meeting the standards set by the Payment Card Industry Security Council allows us to offer customers a single process that meets their compliance needs while allowing them to do what they do best – run their businesses.”

After having this security certification, PEER 1 web hosting company has qualified for better card payment security standards. This will boost the confidence of the customers who make their payments through different types of cards like credit, debit, and other payment cards.

Third party security standard auditing company that audited the standards of PEER 1 web hosting company has tested all the procedures of security and technical aspects of the methods that are employed at this web hosting company. The scrutiny also included inspection of all types of infrastructure, technical, SOPs, and procedures that are applied in operation of the company business. All 12 requirements set for PCIDSS certifications were successfully completed and subsequently PEER 1 web hosting company was bestowed with PCIDSS Level-1 certification.

This should be noted that payment card industry data security standard is a very well defined and comprehensive set of rules that assure that the security of the data pertaining to card payment is highly secure and in compliance of industry standards. This certification is endorsed by all major payment companies in the industry.

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