Vexxhost Web Hosting Announces New Significant Features To Improve the Security and Performance of Their Customer Sites


Vexxhost Announces New Significant Features

Vexxhost Announces New Significant Features on June 4, 2012 : Vexxhost Web Hosting the Canadian company announces new significant features to improve the security and performance for all current hosting packages to boost the performance of their Customer Sites. Vexxhost designed and performed the new features to make sure that they offer their customers the best high quality of services with very affordable low rates. Vexxhost web hosting is one of the providers that continue to leverage the latest technologies to improve the performance of hosting services with the balance of keeping the prices affordable to their customers.

Optimization the  Performance of MySQL
Vexxhost web hosting company engineered new MySQL 5.5 to optimize the MySQL engine to work with the type of loads that are usually seen on the company hosting servers as a result the performance of the servers are extremely significant and they are extremely noticeable and they examed and test  the response times by the servers to serve more queries per second with much lower performance overhead (no extra slowdowns). The Significant modifications are exclusive and done by Vexxhost web hosting engineers to Vexxhost hosting customers at the same time the customers will be able to continue to use MySQL with no problems at all as all of the regular features of MySQL will continue working with no issues at all.

Optimizations The Performance of PHP Dynamic Pages 
Vexxhost web hosting announced upgrading to PHP 5.3 in order to support all the latest applications on the services by restoring the original way of configuring options on server using “php_flag” and “php_value” in .htaccess which will make changing PHP configuration much easier, instead of dealing with complex php.ini files that would not propagate recursively into folders which will load so fast, because of the new DSO implementation that Vexxhost have designed by the company engineers.

Filtering the Outbound Spam
Vexxhost web hosting;  implemented a new proprietary technology that is automatically detects outgoing spam automatically by taking action by rejecting the email and never allowing it to leave Vexxhost network which ensures that no outgoing spam leaves the servers and will improve email delivery significantly, due to the fact that there will be no outbursts of spam emails until web hosting engineers able to track it down.

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