Canadian Web Hosting Deploys Juniper MX Series Routers To Their Networks Across Canada

Canadian Web Hosting Deploys Juniper MX Series Routers To Their Networks Across Canada

Canadian Web Hosting Deploys Juniper MX Series Routers on May 28, 2012 : Web hosting “Canadian web hosting” represents the most comprehensive hosting services which designed to fulfill the customers demanding growing requirements. With the strong, powered experience and stability that is unique for a any IT technology company. Web hosting Canadian Web Hosting is a giant in managed hosting company that specializes in enterprise business. One of only a few SAS70 Type II and CICA 5970 certified service providers in Canada. As Canadian Web Hosting offers a secure and scalable service delivery for a diverse range of companies throughout Canada. Canadian Web Hosting is considers as one of the fastest growing Canadian web hosting providers in Canada and recognized for its leadership and technology innovations to their customers. Canadian Web Hosting headquartered in British Columbia with locations in Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario.

Web hosting “Canadian web hosting”  will deploy  Juniper MX 3D routers in several data centres across all over Canada which is mean that the Canadian Web Hosting customers will have access to advanced hosting services like Anycast routing, Disaster Recovery Services and geo-dispersed clustered hosting that allows customers to take advantage of the geographic benefits of hosting in Canada.

Canadian Web Hosting’s CTO, Kevin Liang states, “aligning ourselves with an industry leader like Juniper will help us diversify our network infrastructure and improve delivery Cloud and Web Hosting services that are highly reliable and support multi-point connectivity. Our goal is to give our customers the best network performance and overall reliability of any host in Canada, and with this deployment, we are boosting performance, decreasing latency and helping our customers compete over the near- and long-term.”

Web hosting canadian announced that it has acquired and deployed Juniper MX 3D routers with their Junos operating system to solidify their CA Cloud services and handle the rapid growth of their cloud services including a sharp increase of internet traffic usage.

“We want our CA Cloud and web hosting customers to have the best service and value in the industry. With these new MX series routers, we can now take something that was roadblock for our customers and turn it into a unique advantage for them by easily expanding our existing service offerings and integrating geographic flexibility. With services like automated failover and geo-dispersal, Anycast routing, and BGP networking customers can now utilize multiple points of connectivity without their data ever leaving. You get the best of the cloud, but keep it strictly Canadian,“ said Matt McKinney, Managing Director of Canadian Web Hosting.

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