Web Hosting CentriLogic and WIND Mobile Starts New Co-operation

Web Hosting CentriLogic and WIND Mobile Starts New Co-operation

Web Hosting CentriLogic and WIND Mobile Starts New Co-operation

GreatResponder.com on May 26, 2012:  Web Hosting CentriLogic and WIND Mobile Starts New Co-operation. Web Hosting CentriLogic is well known and trusted company for  international high quality data centers over the United States and Canada beside cloud computing solutions and managed hosting. Web Hosting CentriLogic is offering all kind of web hosting and cloud hosting solutions to individuals and businessmen for hosting and data centers outsourcing needs. Web Hosting CentriLogic also providing cloud hosting, manage computing and collocation in a professional way in order to  satisfied and delight all company customers.  Also  they have data Management, Security, Network and other Professional Services.

Robert Offley, CEO of CentriLogic, said that proximity to leading corporations such as WIND was instrumental in selecting Toronto for the new data center facility. CentriLogic hopes to provide similar businesses with a full suite of co-location, cloud computing, managed services, and hybrid hosting solutions, he added.

WIND said that its back office systems will be fully supported from CentriLogic’s new 16,000 square foot data center launched recently in downtown Toronto. Additionally, the managed Web hosting provider will deliver optimal power, network connectivity, and bandwidth from the secure facility for a period of five years.

WIND Mobile’s VP of IT, Atif Ahmad, reiterates: “WIND Mobile has made an impact in the wireless telecommunications space by paying attention to specific customer needs. We are in a state of rapid growth, and CentriLogic provides us with constant peace of mind knowing that our critical systems are secure and available. By hosting our IT infrastructure with CentriLogic, we are able to direct our attention towards quality, innovation, and ensuring that our 400,000 plus customers receive the highest level of customer satisfaction.”

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