Web Hosting Loopia Closed “Neste Spoil”

Web Hosting Loopia Closed “Neste Spoil”

Web Hosting Loopia Closed “Neste Spoil”

GreatResponder.com on May 25, 2012 : Web hosting Loopia which was founded in 1999, is a Swedish provider of web hosting services  in Sweden and Serbia. The web hosting company is owned by Visma with a head-quartered in Västerås. Web hosting Loopia offers all kinds of hosting services , domain names , DNS and email accounts also the provider  handles more than half a million domain names.  Web hosting Loopia closed “Neste Spoil”, which is a web site established by Greenpeace.

Greenpeace  is a  a non governmental organization with offices in more than forty countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam.  Greenpeace  establish a web site called “Neste Spoil” that was hosted by Web Hosting Loopia. Loopia shuts down “Neste Spoil” after the Finnish oil company Neste Oil threatened Loopia with a lawsuit over trademark and copyright volations.

The web site, which resembles a page on the Neste web site, where the company has its annual report for 2011, attacks Neste’s use of palm oil from Southeast Asia, saying that growing oil palms harms the rain forest in those countries.
“We offer solutions that enable more and more rainforests and peatlands to be cleared and destroyed for plantations. Read about what independent, international experts have to say about the future of traffic and transport and their impact on the world around us.” At the Helsinki offices of Greenpeace, programme director Tapio Laaksocriticised Loopia for closing down the pages without a court ruling, calling the move advance censorship.

On Wednesday, Greenpeace put the content of Neste Spoil on its own website. Laakso hopes that Greenpeace might get the site’s domain name back from Loopia. Neste Oil lawyer Ilmi Korhonen says that moving the material to Greenpeace’s own website will not affect Neste’s actions on the matter, at least for now. Neste has filed a complaint about the material to the World Intellectual Property Association (WIPO). Greenpeace has sent its response to WIPO as well.


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