Web Hosting “Host Europe” Adds “Mesh Digital” to the Company Group

Web Hosting "Host Europe" Adds "Mesh Digital" to the Company Group

Web Hosting "Host Europe" Adds "Mesh Digital" to the Company Group

GreatResponder.com on May 16, 2012 : Web hosting provider Host Europe Group clarify the acquirement of  Mesh Digital.  Mesh Digital known for developing  back end technology for domain name registration. The reason behind this sale is to acquire all kinds of resources of web hosting industry in order to optimize the services to their customers. This acquisitions would help Host Europe to expand the web hosting market to cover all over Europe. Also as part of this sale Mesh Digital will Host Europe Group as it expands internationally.

“We have worked closely with the Mesh Digital team for some time now and the two companies’ share a similar vision, passion and commitment to our customers,” said Thomas Vollrath, CEO of the Host Europe Group. “We took the strategic decision to acquire Mesh because the company is very well respected in the industry, and is renowned for its cutting-edge innovation. What’s more, being able to offer platforms such as Domainbox.com across our group puts us in an increasingly competitive position, and means we can offer a far greater range of products to our customers. Our combined businesses are a natural fit, providing complementary products and services that help to strengthen the buying power for Host Europe Group overall.”

Mesh Digital have two major domain brands as the reseller part offers Domainmonster, and on the other side the wholesale part offers, Domainbox. At the same time, Mesh Digital customers will now have access to a larger selection of competitive products and services including VPS, dedicated servers and advanced email solutions.

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