Web Hosting Genious Communications Launches Cloud Hosting

Web Hosting Genious Communications Launches Cloud Hosting

GreatResponder.com on May 15, 2012Web Hosting Genious Communications Launches Cloud Hosting for Morocco customers and the web hosting provider hope to cover this services globally.  Web Hosting Genious was founded in 2007. according to the company founder this hosting services are the only web hosting and domain name registration company that is registered with ICANN. This week, the company has re-launched not just their interface, but their fundamental offerings, adding connectivity to a content delivery network (CDN) as well as cloud hosting services through OnApp. “Nobody else is offering cloud services in Morocco right now,” says Aboulfeth. With cloud services, the company has been able to cut current prices by 30% as well, and 150 clients are now taking advantage of the service, which helps increase site loading speed.

The site has also launched a “Genious Kit,” which provides users with a customizable web template in English or French, and soon in Arabic, with domain name and hosting included. Critically for scalability, all of the site’s services, including the Genious Kit, are now automated.

This web hosting owner is proud to share his successful story everywhere, as he said that he dropped out of college at the end of 2008 to continue running the start up his own web hosting business, began a freelance hosting service for friends and acquaintances at the age of 15. “I charged my first client $5 a month,” he recalls. After saving up money from initial hosting jobs, he founded Genious Communications on his own in 2007, at the age of 21, with only $10,000. He brought his brother on board to run the headquarters in Marrakach, and has since grown the company to a team of 20 people with three satellite offices, two in Casablanca and one in Rabat.

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