Web hosting Infinitely Virtual Add VMWare to Cloud Servers Platform

Web hosting Infinitely Virtual Add VMWare to Cloud Servers Platform

Web hosting Infinitely Virtual Add VMWare to Cloud Servers Platform

GreatResponder.com on April 30, 2012: Web hosting Infinitely Virtual offers VMWare to cloud servers. Web hosting Infinitely Virtual provides a very wide rang of products and services to virtual dedicated server and cloud computing technologies.

Infinitely Virtual offers Linux hosting and reseller hosting for sites hosting. Also they offer for virtual server hosting services, Linux hosting, windows hosting, self install virtual dedicated servers, upload virtual  dedicated server hosting. Also they offer email hosting; the basic one and the dedicated exchange hosting with McAfee anti spam. They have the facility of office Virtualization  and cloud computing services.

Integrated with Infinitely Virtual’s upgrade to VMWare’s vSphere5, VMware vCloud Director saves IT managers time and money by giving them more autonomy and control over important aspects of their virtual infrastructure.

“We recognize that IT managers want the scalability and relative low investment cost of employing cloud hosted services,” said Adam Stern, Infinitely Virtual founder and CEO. “At the same time, we know they sometimes want the ability to make quick changes to applications or to migrate workloads between different clouds without having to go to the cloud service provider.

Customers deploying vCloud Director benefit from an exceptionally user-friendly interface that provides end-users with the tools to foster a self-service networking and creative cloud environment. The product saves IT professionals precious time, which they can then devote to other business-critical tasks.

“Adding VMWare’s vCloud Director continues Infinitely Virtual’s mission to deliver the most flexible, cost-effective cloud hosting services to our customers,” Stern said. “We host and manage the secure, cloud platform while our IT customers have increased autonomy to make application and networking changes as they wish. It’s a smart division of labor that advances our goal of enabling clients to use their virtual infrastructure as a growth engine.”

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