Web Hosting Companies In Canada Improve Ranking on 2012 Branham300

Web Hosting Companies In Canada Improve Ranking on 2012 Branham300

Web Hosting Companies In Canada Improve Ranking on 2012 Branham300

GreatResponder.com on April 27, 2012:  The famous Web hosting providers in Canada PEER 1 and iWeb are in the top performing IT companies according to Branham300 2012 which is considered as an information channel for e-business to help customers understand and leverage the high technologies. Also the Branham’s analysis, strategies and recommendations are based on their research that covers the global e-market. Plus Branham may assist the giant companies in software, hardware and services as they are able to deliver meaningful insight to the clients in marketing, planning and partnering. Branham was founded in 1990.

The Canadian web hosting companies return back on track since 2011 in spite of economic downturn but these companies proved they can turned  from survival to growth in 2011. Web hosting providers iWeb revenues grew to $35 million USD in 2011 and with its focus on continuous expansion the company is expected to improve on that in 2012) and PEER 1 (More than 10,000 customers worldwide use Vancouver-based PEER 1’s IT and cloud hosting services. The hosting leader reported revenues of $33.62 million for the three months ended December 31, 2011, representing a 21 percent rise from the previous 2010 quarter); Hosting made significant leaps on The Branham300 list, which highlights the top IT firms operating in Canada by revenues. The Top Canadian ICT companies on this year’s Branham300 combined to set a new revenue record in 2011, increasing sales by 11.75% to $82.62B, surpassing the high of $75.97B achieved in 2008. Growth can be found throughout this year’s ranking, with 79.60% of listed companies experiencing revenue increases in 2011, and more than half (56.40%) of this year’s top tech players posting double-digit gains. PEER 1 Hosting is ranked 43 on the 2012 listing, having placed 48th the previous year. Montreal-based iWeb moved from the 120th spot to 107 this year.

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