Web Hosting SuperCheapDomainNames Announces a Sale for a Domain & Hosting Package


SuperCheapDomainNames Announces a Sale for a Domain & Hosting Package

GreatResponder.com on April 26, 2012: Web Hosting & Domain Names SuperCheapDomainNames announces for hosting packages and domain names. The company encourages the business owners and individuals to register their domain name with $9.99 also they offer huge sale for shared web hosting $3.38 monthly, this offer for a limited time to help web site owners reduce their operating expenses in 2012.  SuperCheapDomainNames was found before 4 years which gave the company experience for steady annual increasement for new domains, domain name transfers and web hosting services from Internet marketers, businesses and blog owners.

When someone starts a web site, the essential needs are Domain names and web hosting to launch a web site online. A domain name and web hosting sale is now underway that provides $9.99 domain namesand $3.38 monthly for shared  web hosting. Web site owners can now take advantage of these sale prices to own more Internet backbone.

Some companies are using social media websites like Twitter and Facebook to expand their business. While these websites have been shown to increase customer communication, many consumers still prefer to contact a company through a standard website. “Combining as many efforts as possible to reach consumers is a great thing,” said Kevin Arnett, Hosting Administrator at SuperCheapDomainNames.com. “Many of our customers started with a website and are now incorporating social media into their existing website to serve as a home base for all client communication,” added Arnett. One of the things about buying domain names that some businesses do not understand is that unique domains create a brand that leaves a legacy online. Registering a .com domain name is one way that an existing company or new start-up can take up more real estate space online to attract more consumers that might be interested in offered products or services.

Streaming video has exploded in popularity online mostly due in part from the acquisition of YouTube by Google. Streaming video online is positioned to overtake textual content by the year 2014 according to university research. One of the problems that companies face when creating and distributing digital video is storage space to hold the digital media files. “Some web hosting companies put more emphasis on databases and forum hosting,” said Grace Hawkins, Business Account Manager at SuperCheapDomainNames.com. “We give website owners plenty of storage space to stream audio and video files,” Hawkins added. One of the negatives of uploading videos to YouTube is the loss of control over the distribution. An uploaded video must be stored on YouTube servers and selected to be private or publicly accessible. Hosting videos through web hosting companies allows businesses to have more privacy without loss of storage space.

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