Web Hosting TurnKey Opens in New York Green Data Center

Web Hosting TurnKey Opens in New York Green Data Center

Web Hosting TurnKey Opens in New York Green Data Center

GreatResponder.com  on April 19, 2012: Web hosting TurnKey announced opening  an environmentally friendly data center in New York. If you visit TurnKey web site you would figure out that this company is going green in everything even the web site color. With the occasion of the earth day; TurnKey offers $100 cash back with Visa Gift Card Rebate and 75% off with all of the company services. TurnKey data center is provided with an on site solar system, access to hydro electric power, and special cold conatinment pods for maximum efficiency throughout the data center.

TurnKey is also awaiting approval on hydropower from the Niagara Falls hydro project through Governor Cuomo’s “Recharge New York” power program later this month. In addition to the new data center, Turnkey also recently installed an advanced rooftop solar system, which will generate up to 75 percent of the company’s total energy needs.

Data centers use massive quantities of energy,” said TurnKey Internet CEO Adam Wills. “Without companies like us taking the initiative, studies have shown that by 2020 our industry will be as big of a polluter as the airline industry. By producing our own clean power on-site, we’ve been able to double the size of our local workforce over the past 18 months. Innovative green technologies at our new facility in New York’s Tech Valley have not only helped us become more environmentally responsible, but also placed us on the cutting edge as a cloud services provider offering low-cost, energy-efficient green IT services and solutions”

The 12,000-square-food data center consumes more than 1.5 MW of electricity. TurnKey has also invested millions of dollars installing cold containment pods, which provide a secure, clean-room environment for all servers and equipment and use 33 percent less energy to “spot cool” specific heat zones throughout the data center.

TurnKey’s facility, which will provide web hosting and cloud hosting services, will features specialized low-voltage computer servers from Dell and Intel that require less energy to power their cloud-based computing services. Click here to read the story

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