Web Hosting Rackspace Released Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP 2

Web Hosting Rackspace Released Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP 2

Web Hosting Rackspace Released Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP 2

GreatResponder.com on April 12, 2012: Web hosting Rackspace launches the latest version of 2010 Service Pack2 Enterprise solution. Rackspace’s new Hosted Exchange service is backed by “fanatical support” to ensure a fast and seamless customer experience and to enable customers saving the time with email issues and to focus on their business. Rackspace combines the latest version of Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2010 SP 2 and a broad feature set with the company’s high level of service and reliability.

“Having a dependable email solution that allows employees at every level within the organization to stay connected and productive whether they’re in the office or on the road is essential,” said Kirk Averett, director of product management for Rackspace email and apps. “With Exchange 2010, we took time to create a feature rich solution that adheres to Microsoft’s standards, and added a layer of Fanatical Support to deliver a superior email product to our customers.”

The first released of Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 offers more flexibility, mobility, protection and compliance than the previous versions of Exchange and because Rackspace has a huge number of  customers which is more than 3 million email customers, so the opportunity is so wide to sell the latest Hosted Exchange service to this massive numbers of customers.

Based on Enterprise version of Exchange Service Pack 2, the new email service uses Microsoft and recommended architecture, provides a 100% up-time SLA and conducts email back-ups several times a day, provides SSL encryption through 3 separate spam and antivirus filters, archiving, mobile synchronization. The service also includes 25GB of storage and a maximum mailbox size of 50GB, provides 1GB of public folder storage and SharePoint with 250MB free storage in, the ability to access email via Web Access and Outlook on Mac and PCs, as well as most smart phones, and the ability to run both Microsoft Exchange hosting and Rackspace Email on the same domain.

About Rackspace
Rackspace the service leader in cloud computing has made a Fanatical Support®. Rackspace provide an enterprise hosting services to all sizes and kinds of businesses with the highest and the most top on line technology. Rackspace founded in 1998 and serve more than 172,000 customers globally. Rackspace offer services including Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Email & Apps.

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