Web Hosting ZNet of India Offers goMobi Web Site Builder Service

GreatResponder.com wrote on (2012-03-29): Web Hosting ZNet of India Offers goMobi Web Site Builder Service to their customers. With the rapid, strong economy in India the increment of using cell phones have been duplicate or even triplicate according to India huge population 1166079217. This issue leads us to the point that all or almost all of those people are using cell phones, for this reason there is big demand for mobile web site builder service. ZNet understand this concept and get it easy to their customers by offering them this service.

goMobi and ZNet

goMobi and ZNet

goMobi services have a set of features like click-to-call, m-commerce support, Google maps and directions, social networking and custom analytics that are proven to increase customer engagement. The mobile site can be generated from existing Web content with a powerful transcoding feature. Alternatively, if users don’t have an existing website, the mobile site can be quickly and easily built from scratch.

ZNet believes that the fast growth of using mobile in India leads to huge demand for mobile business to retrieve the web sites easily and simply, world wide this feature has been used widely and ZNet as a web hosting provider offer this service for their customers and offer the service for free for 30 days, which is a great opportunity to find out how it can help building web site designed for cell phones with in minites.

About ZNet: 
ZNet web hosting provider was started in 2002 in India. ZNet web hosting providing online business solutions to individuals and enterprise, wether small or large business, their hosting soultion matche all customers need. ZNet web hosting provider offering hosting services for Domains Registration, Web Hosting, Business Email, Websites, and Business Apps.

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