Web Hosting Virtual Expand in US Parallel with Asia & Europe

Web Hosting Virtual Expand in US Parallel with Asia & Europe

GreatResponder.com on (2012-03-24):  Web hosting provider “Host Virtual”  announced  their  significant expansion in 6 US cloud locations data centers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Jose and  Virginia, with other new locations expansion, the total of data centers come to 11  globally including London’s Telecity Sovereign House UK.


“Host Virtual” is expanding in Asia and Europe parallely with their expansion in the United State of America. By opening more data centers in different areas world wide, Host Virtual is giving their customers more opportunities for better services , as the customers web sites could be viewed easily and faster world wide. As Host Virtual clients can access remotely to any of its cloud locations plus unlimited usage for a flat rate starting at $10 per month and less. In this case their customers have the ability to deploy to multiple clouds around the world with 11 clouds around the world, all using best of class datacenters and networks to get the best connectivity that the customer needed.

Web Hosting Virtual Expand in US


Host Virtual is well known for their reasonable hosting plan as charge on a monthly basis with all the needed resources. Their customers’ satisfaction is the big goal, for this reason the clients have the freedom to install and manage on your own terms with over 25 linux distributions and over 150 base images, including paravirtualized and fully virtualized images which will make them run Windows and FreeBSD with the right clue.

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