Green Web Hosting RoutHost Launches Green Support

Green Web Hosting RoutHost Launches Green Support on (2012-03-16) : Web Hosting ROUThost was founded in 2003 in North Carolina, USA and aimed since the beginning to become a leader and inspirational of green affordable web hosting  globally. ROUThost is offering wide web hosting services like domain registration and site building services. This service is for individuals and enterprise. The green hosting ROUThost have power backups from UPS Systems in conjunction with a Cummins generator. ROUThost managed web servers are located in Toronto, Canada in a data center fully equipped with redundant UPS, backup generator and smoke detection/fire protection systems with internet connectivity of 14 Gigabit Ethernet cables supported by six separate back-bone suppliers.

ROUThost web hosting is promoting their dedicated servers, and colocation service for customers who wants to relocate their servers. RoutHost is a friendly environment web hosting and colocation service and very cheap and affordable for customers to store the existing server as they offer significant savings the costs of set up, run and maintain  the business.

ROUThost  green web hosting considered as ideal for popular services, as their dedicated servers are available to lease based on monthly paid which means short term lease and also available for long term.  The great features of reliable power supplies, redundant data center back ups, stuffed by a highly trained IT professionals.

ROUThost  also offers co-location web hosting plans for servers in their data center in Toronto.  Colocation customers own their personal server machine and software which lead to the possibility of  installing upgrades as it is needed.

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