Web Hosting Anchor of Australia Starts a US Web Hosting

GreatResponder.com (2012-03-12): Anchor Web hosting from Australia known for their real technical support servicing the online customers with Linux & Windows Dedicated hosting servers. Anchor Web hosting started before seven years which means great experience in the hosting field, the provider have more than  three thousand clients from Australia and globally. Due to the huge demand of  the Australian businesses with US clients, Anchor launches a US based web hosting service. This new service will matched the highly level of north america’s performance and efficiency.

Web Hosting Anchor Starts a US Web Hosting

Based on the director of Grad Connection (Jobs and Internships job opportunities in Australia) said that  the business nowadays is on the highest-ranked graduate employment in Australia and aggressively want to extend developing and expanding in the United State in the few coming years. Believed to be a first of its kind for an Australian hosting company, Anchor has completed the installation and configuration of web server equipment in a Los Angeles facility.

Grad Connection

Also, he mention ed that they have been  Anchor clients since  starting their web site as they have the biggest and largest student jobs and candidates’ web site in Australia. As Anchor since establishing  Grad Connection was the vital support and success partner of their strong expansion in Asia and also would be counting on Anchor when expanding in the states.

So Anchor web hosting has the leadership to be a first Australian web hosting provider in the beautiful city Los Angeles after completed the installation, setting up and configuration of their web hosting server equipment in their new facility in California.

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