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Free Web Hosting Avoiding Penalties By Following Google Tips

Free Web Hosting Avoiding Penalties By Following Google Tips

Free Web Hosting Avoiding Penalties By Following Google Tips

GreatResponder.com (2012-03-11): Free web hosting suppliers who do not want to see their web sites removed from Google’s index, should follow Google preventative tips. Google is focusing on the Spam websites that don’t add any useful to the internet users.

Google the giant search engine took the responsibility to check the free web hosting web sites that is not useful to internet audience and in order not to stuff the internet with too much info that has no sense but has been there only to be index by Google; for this reason Google has granted itself the responsibility to remove any web sites from Google search index as if it is not meet Google’s quality headlines. Spam is a big huge issue for Google, especially the web sites that create hundreds of web sites containing very little or even no original content, spinning or scraped content, spun content, or auto or duplicate content. This is what has been called Google’s Panda which Google would ban any web sites from appearing in its organic search results.

To avoid this pan; here is Google suggestions :
* Use CAPTCHA to verify only for human submission and prevent the automated scripts from creating sites.
* To stop spamming, should be to provide transparency.
*Keeping track of signups and identifying spam patterns.
*Monitor spam signals including redirects, spam keywords and large number of ad blocks.
*  Monitoring for phishing and malware-infected pages.
*  Watching your server log files for sudden traffic spikes for a newly-created website.

All the above mentioned rules would be apply to any web sites that the user generated content beside web-masters who setting up a free web site. If any free web hosting providers do not follow these models, it would not be able considers as an spammers which would wipe the Google traffic.

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