Web Hosting SiteGround Use The Email Security of SpamExperts

Web Hosting SiteGround Use The Email Security of SpamExperts

Greatresponder.com (2012-03-08) : SiteGround the shard web hosting provider applied the inbound and outbound SpamExperts filters to the customers of shared Web hosting’s email. SiteGround, has more than a thousand of servers in different locations under their management in USA.

Usually spam mail sent from a shared servers, due to the individual accounts fail to keep their software up-to-date and get hacked by spam senders.

Due to this problem SiteGround built a very smart automated system that has very fast reaction against such events and stops the spam emails sending in less than a minute. Although the company still working for more developments to face the new challenge of the hackers and spammers.

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Due to spam problems which bother the web hosting customers, SiteGround initially considered SpamExperts’ services because of their experience in blacklisting of its shared server IPs.  So SiteGround tested SpamExperts solution for many months and it showed amazing results by stopping the outgoing SPAM and preventing SiteGround IPs from being blacklisted in more than 95% of the test situations, this is what Tenko Nikolov, CEO at SiteGround mentioned. On the other hand; Nils Decker, CMO of SpamExperts add that they are so pleased to have  SiteGround to their list of clients. Specially that SiteGround main issue is the outbound SPAM which was initially trying to fix, then found SpamExperts  who chose to use SpamExperts inbound filter too and to provide its protection to all their customers mailboxes.


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