Web Host SoftLayer Add CloudLinux to Dedicated and Cloud Server

SoftLayer Add CloudLinux to Dedicated and Cloud Server

GreatResponder.com (2012-03-07) : SoftLayer web hosting company will add Cloud Linux software to their dedicated and cloud server plans. Throughout this new service CloudLinux application will be installed in all SoftLayer shared hosting and they will get the support from the customer care department to be sure that clients are receiving very instant support for any CloudLinux related issues. Igor Seletskiy, The founder and CEO of Cloud Linux said that “The integration of CloudLinux into the SoftLayer platform will enable customers to achieve higher stability and security for their shared hosting needs.”

The benefits of having CloudLinux OS are; Free professional fast updates 24/7 customer supports. Full control for the CPU and memory. At the peak running operating, the capacity has a very great reliability and performance. Improved uptime for the shared server so no single account can slow down or take down the entire server.  Each user’s file system is isolated making so it is very difficult for hackers to attack or steal data.by enhancing the security with CageFSTM – through virtualization.

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The CloudLinux OS delivers major improvement in the stability and security of servers running cPanel and Plesk. CloudLinux uses Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology to control CPU, memory and concurrent connections on a per-customer basis. The LVE technology improves uptime and overall customer satisfaction by eliminating “bad-neighbor effects,” in which one customer can cause performance issues for all the other customers on the server.

This agreement is very significant for SoftLayer as it will allow working with giant industry leader in the web hosting sector, such as CloudLinux.

About CloudLinux
CloudLinux; is a stable, privately funded company; was founded and developed in 2009 to provide the developing needs for web hosting customers. The company headquarter is located in Princeton, NJ, and its development team composed of employees with appreciable proficiency in the hosting business is based in Donetsk, Ukraine.

About SoftLayer Technologies
SoftLayer is a cloud infrastructure platform company, having 13 data centers in the United States, Asia and Europe. Their headquartered in Dallas.

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