Web Hosting Ex-Rackspace CFO Welcomed To iWeb Board

Web Hosting Ex-Rackspace CFO Welcomed To iWeb Board

GreatResponder.Com (2012-02-21) :  iWeb is one of the biggest providers of dedicated web hosting and managed server in the Nun’s Island of Montreal. Their head office is on The Nun’s Island operations a four data centers over 90,000 sq ft of the most up-to-date technology data centers worldwide. iWeb is recognized globally for their highly top quality facilities and good prices; providing services for more than tens of thousands of customers worldwide over the continents; also In spring 2012 iWeb will have a new significant Cloud Facilities Service.

Who is The New iWeb CFO?

Bruce Knooihuizen; a recent Chief Financial Officer of Rackspace; has joined the Board of Directors of iWeb and named as CFO. He welcomed by Eric Chouinard , iWeb’s CEO and co-Founder; who mentioned that they are happy to have him as part of iWeb team and appreciated his experience in building probably the most rewarding, successful and profitable cloud in telecom infrastructures which will add new Verizon to iWeb powerful management team. Mr Chouinard “iWeb CEO” referred to Knooihuizen as he shares the same values and vision for the online business and industry; as he understands what they are doing and has decided to join them in a vital time.  At the end he summarized how lucky they are to have Knooihuizen as part of the team and how they are thrilled and to be able to count on Bruce’s expertise, knowledge, information and intuition.

Who is Bruce Knooihuizen?

An experienced gentleman in the telecommunications Industry since 1980, Bruce was announced as CFO of Rackspace in 2008. He performed a very important role in bringing the Company to public on the New York Stock Exchange later on that year, with what was the largest IPO in the history of Web Host on line Industry. During the time of his departure, Rackspace had seen its value grow to almost $4.9 Billion USD.

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