Canadian Web Hosting hosting Syrian Gov. and Hezbollah Affiliated Websites ?

Canadian Web Hosting hosting Syrian Gov. and Hezbollah Affiliated Websites ?

Canadian Web Hosting hosting Syrian Gov. and Hezbollah Affiliated Websites ? – 2011-11-18 – On Thursday, a report by Canadian researchers was release indicating that twenty-six Syrian government websites are being hosting by web hosting providers in Canada, the US, and Germany. According to the report, those operations raised legal questions as this may be violation on the Canadian and U.S. sanctions against Syria.

These sanctions against Syria have been put in place to put pressure on the government that has been, for the last eight months, using police and military forces to calm down the uprise of the population.

The report claims that 17 Syrian government sites have been held by Canadian web hosting companies, 7 are held by US web hosting companies and 2 by German web hosting companies. Those web hosting providers include a few big named companies like the web hosting giant, SoftLayer, and the Montreal-based we hosting provider, iWeb.

“There’s definitely a question. Cyberspace governance is immature and underdeveloped. Sanctions are designed around a world much less fluid and material than cyberspace is. I think if you are going to put named entities on a sanctions list that government needs to provide some guidance to the private sector about what that means,” said Ronald Deibert, the director of the Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

Deilbert also says that it is still unclear whether the web hosting providers violated any sanctions and is worried that the removal of those sides from the web hosting providers may be a treated as an infringement on freedom of speech and access to information.

The report also shows that Addounia TV, a Syrian state television station that was also sanctioned for inching violence against the Syrian citizens, is also hosted by a Canadian Web Hosting company.

According to the report released, the Hezbollah’s media arm website is also hosted by a Canadian and Us-baser web servers.

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