Golden Frog Web Hosts New Service In Data Foundry Data Centers

Golden Frog Web Hosts New Service In Golden Frog Data Centers

Golden Frog Web Hosts New Service In Golden Frog Data Centers – 2011-11-09 – This week, the web hosting provider Data Foundry made the announcement that it will not be hosting the new “Dump Truck” online storage service of the personal VPN provider Golden Frog. This service will be held at the new web hosting provider’s data center facility, Texas 1.

This change means a lot to Golden Frog, as it will be more than just a simple colocation client to the web hosting provider. Golden Frog will, from now on, shares a few ownership with the hosting company Data Foundry. This will be a beginning of an effort to effectively employ some of the excess network resources operated by the group. The Dump Truck storage may have come from a similar effort to employ excess resources.

“We chose Data Foundry’s resilient data center facility to house our cloud-based storage solution because it was designed with the utmost redundancy across power, networking, and water feeds,” says Philip Molter, CTO of Golden Frog, quoted in the press release. “We know we can scale quickly with easy access to a wide variety of carriers and ample room for the deployment of additional storage services and network hardware.”

According to the release, Dump Truck is Golden Frog’s “professional-grade” online storage service, that lets users store documents, including photos and other files, using a web interface with a drag-and-drop interface. Along with the company’s previous service, the VyprVPN, the new tool contributes to Golden Frog’s growing portfolio of offerings around “secure, private Internet services.”

Golden Frog claims that its new service, Dump Truck, is focused around providing the highest level of security and privacy around transferring and storing personal files for its clients. The company will be offering unlimited upload and download speeds and file sizes.

Data Foundry’s Texas 1 data center is 250,000 square foot big and is a carier-neutral data center. The data centre that was launched this summer is located near Austin, Texas. The company is providing Golden Frog’s new service with high-density colocation and high-bandwidth Internet connectivity, including access to 17 network carriers.

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