Web Hosting Provider Voxel Opens Expands Data Center

Web Hosting Provider Voxel Opens Expands Data Center

Web Hosting Provider Voxel Opens Expands Data Center

Greatresponder.com – 2011-10-28 – On Thursday, the managed web hosting company Voxel made the announcement that they have now expended their US operations with the brand new opening of the VoxCLOUD data center in San Jose.

The brand new West Coast data center will strengthen even more Voxel’s presence in the country’s top tech innovation hubs in Silicon Valley and New York leading this enlargement in Singapore at the KDDI facility.

“We reached a point in our growth where it made sense to expand nationally as well as internationally,” said Zachary Smith, COO of Voxel. “A West Coast hosting facility allows us to provide a more robust service offering to our customers, including disaster recovery and redundancy solutions inside the United States continent. As always, all of Voxel’s cloud servers, regardless of location, have the same CPU and disk pricing, as well as the same performance guarantee our customers love so much.”

Each VoxCLOUD instance now offers to clients dedicated compute and memory resources as well as a very big amount of disk storage.

On the same network, the web hosting company provides the flexibility to combine cloud servers with physical servers or contracted resources so clients can create consistent, secure and affordable infrastructure environments. 

The VoxCLOUD web hosting facility is an expansion of Voxel`s existing IP transit, IP transport and CDN service location. The company’s new date center facility offers to clients options for private interconnection between Voxel PoPs, dedicated layer 2 interconnection and aggregated commits.

This announcement came in about a week after the web hosting provider joined TELEHOUSE New York Chelsea as its newest carrier.

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