Web Hosting Provider Announces Alltraders New Chief Executive Officer

Web Hosting Provider Announces Alltraders New Chief Executive Officer

On Friday, the australian web hosting provider and software developer Alltraders made the announcement that it has now elected Ben Horner as its inaugural chief executive officer. Meanwhile, the fellow executive director Michael O’Loughlin has become chief information officer.

After buying a web hosting business online in 2006 Both Horner and O’Loughlin launched this organization simply as a part-time business activity. This company now employs about 20 people in the $1.5 million-a-year enterprise.

The web hosting company that was launched in 2006, Alltraders, provides designs and delivers cloud-based business applications. The web hosting provider also delivers web hosting and development for Joomla! Websites.

This Adelaide-based company has currently about 20 employees. The $1.5 million-a-year enterprise, Alltraders claims that it has averaged 500 percent growth a year since it was set up five years ago.

In addition to the new appointments, Alltraders has merged its software engineering and web hosting divisions to better meet demand for software applications in the cloud, according to the press release.

“Instead of owning and running everything in-house, businesses now want to buy just the software capabilities they need as a service,” said Michael O’Loughlin. “This gives them the advantage of purchasing IT requirements out of operating expenses, rather than having to make large capital purchases, and makes the technology better fit their business needs. We identified this process early on with our web hosting division, where customers wanted us to provide them with reliable website hosting and easy management tools for a predictable annual cost.”

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