Web Hosting Stays Online During Blackout

Web Hosting Stays Online During Blackout

Web Hosting Stays Online During Blackout

Greatresponder.com – 2011-09-13 – On Thursday, web hosting providers and data center managed to not go offline while a blackout, a blackout similar than the one who touched in September 8th in Southern California.

By a human mistake, the power outage hit parts of Southern California and Arizona and the consequences were that 8 millions people didn’t have any power.

The news on Sathurday, San Diego Gas & Electric president Mike Niggli said that it was one of Arizona’s utility company APS who made the mistake the employer was working on capacitor at a substation close to Yuma.

Cloud9 Real Time web hosting and American Internet Services were the ones that helped the most in this horrible situation.

San Diego-based cloud web hosting provider Cloud9 hosts all servers, tech support and data center in the region.

The company’s SAS70 Type II data center provides Cloud9 customers with high levels of redundancy to ensure infrastructure services are always available.

The facility’s generators, onsite fuel storage and fuel supply contracts kept an uninterrupted power supply for an indefinite period of time kept some people online when the rest of the state still had no power.

“I am very proud of our team and the implementation of our disaster recovery plan. We were getting contacted by many associates asking if there would be any interruption in service,” said Cloud9 Real Time’s CEO, Robert Chandler. “I was ecstatic to tell them while our corporate office did not have power or phones, all of our infrastructure and servers were online and users were not going to experience any downtime from the event.”

The American internet Services said that while and after this event, they had three data centres and three of them were still running.

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