Web Hosting Provider FiberCloud Launches SAS 70 Type II audit

Web Hosting Provider FiberCloud Launches SAS 70 Type II audit

Web Hosting Provider FiberCloud Launches SAS 70 Type II audit

On Wednesday, the web hosting provider provider FiberCloud made the announcement that it has successfully completed the SAS 70 Type II audit, verifying the quality and security of their network design and operating effectiveness.

Third-party accounting firm Frost, PLCC Certified Public Accountants began conducting the audit in 2010 for all five FiberCloud data centers located in Seattle, Everett and Bellingham.

The resulting in the FiberCloud receiving the Type II authorization will completely pass the audit in all five of their data centers.

The audit involved over 6 months of compliance tests on FiberCloud’s security standards and operating effectiveness.
Though FiberCloud has supported government security regulation compliance including SAS 70 since it’s inception since 2001, this marks the first time FiberCloud has applied for and received the SAS 70 certification. 

The web hosting company FiberCloud claims that the staff will be performing regular maintenance and maintains strict operating and security standards for all of their data centers to ensure compliance. 

The company did not make any major modifications to their data centers in order to pass the audit, but drew on already secure infrastructure and standard procedures to meet the audit requirements.

“This certificate will make it easy for our customers to ensure regulatory compliance and really validates the rock solid infrastructure and operating procedures that we have worked so hard to maintain,” said Gerald Sherrill, director of operations and infrastructure for FiberCloud. “In the past, FiberCloud has assisted customers with regulatory compliance, including SOX, PCI, and HIPAA. FiberCloud will make their authorization available by request to customers who require proof of SAS 70 compliance.”

the web hosting provider will also be providing a wide range of services, including colocation, cloud-hosted software that includes data backup and recovery solutions, cloud servers and Microsoft Exchange, as well as Internet connectivity services.

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