Web Hosting Company 1&1 Launches Its TV Advertisement

Web Hosting Company 1&1 Launches Its TV Advertisement

Web Hosting Company 1&1 Launches Its TV Advertisement

Greatresponder.com – 2011-09-11 – On Saturday and Sunday, the UK web hosting provider and innovator 1&1 launches it’d brand new TV advertisement ever. This event marks its first TV spot. In the domain of TV advertising, the web hosting company GoDaddy is the only major league player who got into that marketing in that space.

As stated in the press release, this new advertisement are mainly aimed at small business owners and promotes its 1&1 MyWebsite website building application. 1&1 says the ad shows its application “in action”, creating a website in minutes. Last week, 1&1 upgraded MyWebsite to include mobile optimization.

1&1 says the TV ad will be a way to reach the large number of small business owners in the UK, and believes it will “be an ideal way to inspire business owners at a convenient time when they are able to think creatively and about their business development.”

“We appreciate that Britons running their own business, whatever size or type, have to work incredibly hard and are never really ‘off-duty’ – they are always considering how to improve things,” Oliver Mauss, CEO of 1&1 Internet said in a statement. “Our new TV campaign is designed to inspire them by showing just how quickly and easily MyWebsite can deliver a great looking, effective website.”

The web hosting company claims that its almost $50 million TV campaign will involve ads in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, Austria and Poland. 

The UK ads were created by the advertising agency Jung von Matt/Elbe GmbH based in Hamburg, Germany, according to the press release. 

As stated in the press release, this new ad will now be airing in the UK during primetime, according to the press release.

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